Get a cardboard cutout of your face for the Super Bowl!

As much as we'd all love to be at the Super Bowl when the Bucs take on the Chiefs, we can't all afford to fork over $10,000 per ticket (well, maybe YOU can, but I can't). So here's the next best thing: Cardboard cutouts!

Similar to what the MLB did in 2020, the NFL is offering the option to buy cardboard cutouts with your picture on them to sit in the empty seats during the game! (capacity is limited to approximately 1/3, so there will be lots of open seats, and that looks bad on camera)

The cutouts are $100 each, and the money will go to Feeding Tampa Bay! HERE is the link to get yours.

ps--when you purchase your cutout, you'll automatically be entered to win tickets to next year's Super Bowl in LA!

Thumbnail photo: Getty Images