Volunteer seriously injured at Big Cat Rescue--an update

In case you missed it, a tiger bit a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue in Citrus Park yesterday. When the story first came out, little was known about who was bitten or the severity of the injuries. We now know more.

Candy Couser was feeding a tiger yesterday morning when a mishap led to the tiger "nearly ripping her arm off at the shoulder." Candy's husband confirmed that she underwent surgery this morning, and that she doesn't want any harm to come to Kimba the tiger. Typically, animals that harm humans are euthanized and tested for rabies, but Big Cat Rescue vaccinates their animals, so rabies is unlikely, and Couser has stated that she doesn't want the tiger put down for "doing what comes naturally."

More about how the injury happened, as well as an update on Couser's recovery, in the posts below.

Get well soon, Candy!