Would you pay over $100 for a hamburger?

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a $106 burger on the menu at his new restaurant in London, which opens this week. What makes this burger worth so much? According to the menu, the burger features Wagyu beef, truffle pecorino cheese, fresh black truffles and mayonnaise made with porcini mushrooms. And if you want fries? That'll cost you an additional $8.

“I guarantee this will be a burger experience like no other," Ramsay said.

For $106, it better!

Would you pay this much for a burger? I've eaten some expensive meals, but that's pretty steep for a hamburger! I think the most I've ever paid for a burger was in the neighborhood of $18... and I thought that was expensive!

Would you order this??


By the way, Gordon also has a burger restaurant called Street Burger, where all the burgers are $15 and come with fries and unlimited soft drinks so...maybe go there instead?

Photo: Getty Images