CA man builds mini Disneyland roller coaster in his yard


Back in March, Disneyland (in California) closed down because of the coronavirus, and it still hasn't reopened -- and that inspired Sean LaRochelle of Napa, California to build a Disneyland roller coaster in his backyard.

Sean spent four months building a version of the famed Matterhorn ride. It’s scaled-down, for sure, but it’s still big -- two stories tall and featuring 400 feet of track!

Just like the original, this one also has Swiss flags, waterfalls and a ticked off monster inside the mountain.

Sean says he made the roller coaster for his family and friends -- and is excited to build another Disney-themed ride.

I have two thoughts: First of all, that's amazing. He's got to be pretty smart and handy to build something so intricate on his own.

Secondly, what does this guy do for a living that he has enough money kickin' around that he can just willy-nilly BUILD A ROLLER COASTER?! Asking for a friend who's seriously considering a career change ;)

[ABC7 San Francisco]

Photo: Getty Images