Tampa Bay woman is looking for a match to be her kidney donor!

Ok y'all. I know this sounds like it might be a long-shot, but I got a message from a listener this week asking for help. The only way I know how to help is to pass this along in hopes that one of you beautiful souls might be willing to make a MAJOR sacrifice for a complete stranger.

Danielle lives in Sarasota, and is in kidney failure. She's currently on the list to receive a kidney transplant from a deceased donor, but the average wait time for that type of organ donation is 3-5 years. Danielle has two kids, and their father has recently passed away. Translation: her family is going through a pretty hard time.

Danielle says that, aside from waiting for a kidney from a deceased donor, she is able to receive a live transplant...meaning, that if you are a match and are willing to donate your kidney, she is eligible to receive it.

I know it's a big ask, but I can think of nothing more selfless than to donate an organ, especially for a complete stranger. I know there are so many incredible people in this area who might be willing to consider this.

Please read Danielle's Facebook post below, and feel free to share. The best way to find her a match is to get as many eyes on this information as possible. So thanks for reading, and thanks for caring enough to share!

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Facebook post, shared with permission from Danielle Drost

Two organ donor application leaflets are

Two organ donor application leaflets are

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