Got to talk to Lindsay Ell today!

I got to speak with Lindsay Ell today and y'all, she is a DELIGHT. I can't stress enough what a kind, engaging person she is. She's the kind of person you meet, and you immediately feel like you're friends with, and want nothing but amazing things to happen to. She's really that great. And on top of that, she's GORGEOUS, and crazy talented. I have a girl crush.

Lindsay's new album Heart Theory just came out last week and it is goooooooooddd. She cowrote all the songs, AND played all the guitar parts on them, which is a rarity for a female in country music! She poured a ton of heart, truth, and emotion into this record, but still made it sounds upbeat and fun. Really, I can't say enough good things about this album.

So I was pretty excited to talk to her, but then had a pretty frustrating thing happen--my doorbell rang about 2 minutes into the interview! I'm working from home (since March), and a delivery guy rang the bell THREE TIMES!

I had a delivery scheduled for a pretty large package that had to be signed for, and the delivery window was literally 9 hours--NINE. They said sometime between 9am and 6pm. HUGE window. But I'm working from home so I'm here all day, no big deal...except that the delivery guy came during L I T E R A L L Y the only 6-minute window in the whole day when I wouldn't be able to come to the door! My Interview with Lindsay was at 11:54 this morning, and I was given 6 minutes with her...THAT IS WHEN THE DELIVERY MAN CAME. What are the odds?!

So when you listen to the interview, you'll hear me kinda get flustered when the doorbell rings, as a try to keep the conversation going, but at the same time I'm thinking, "I hope he doesn't leave! I need to get that package!"

Thankfully, the delivery guy stuck around for long enough that I was able to run out into the street when I hung up with Lindsay and all was well, but MAN did that stress me out!

For fun, here's a photo of Lindsay and me (with my husband in the back!) at the Brad Paisley show in 2017. Let's all hope we can start going to shows again soon!

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