Friendly stray pup gets a job at a car dealership

A friendly stray dog kept turning up at a Hyundai dealership in Brazil, so the employees gave him a job!

Tuscon Prime is the name of the pup, who showed up to the dealership every day. Employees say he was super friendly, and just wanted to be around people. Everyone at the dealership loved Tuscon so much that they decided to give him a job! He wears a tie, and even has a name badge with his photo on it!

Tuscon Prime is a PAW-fessional consultant (aww!), and greets customers when they walk in. Employees say that Tuscon's presence at the dealership has boosted morale, and customers have given great reviews about him. Many customers have even returned to the dealership after buying a vehicle just to say hello to Tuscon and give him treats! Tuscon Prime is even expected to star in national advertisements for the Hyundai brand! (not sure if those will only air in Brazil, but it would be neat to see them in the US too)

Why doesn't every business have a PAW-fessional consultant?!

Images: Instagram @tuscon_prime

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