Haunted House for Sale!

Full disclosure: I don't believe in ghosts. No judgment if you do, I've just never seen anything with my own eyes that's been enough to convince me that ghosts are real. However, one of my best friends claims that she is able to feel the "energy" of the deceased, and has had numerous experiences with ghosts, so do with that what you will.

All of that being said, I am D Y I N G to see this haunted mansion in Ireland! It's called Loftus Hall, and it is for sale! It sits on 63 acres, has 22 bedrooms (!!!) and reportedly has NUMEROUS documented encounters with the dear departed.

The estate is nearly 1000 years old, and multiple people have died on the property, which is why so many say it is haunted. The property is currently owned by Aidan and Shane Quigley, who bought it in 2011 and are now interviewing potential buyers. For the Quigleys, it’s not just about meeting the asking price—it’s about demonstrating a comfort with what you’re getting yourself into. “I won’t pick the buyer …” writes Aidan Quigley, “the Hall will.”

If you're interested, the list price is $2.87 million.

More HERE.

Image: VisitNewRoss.ie

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