Get a cardboard cutout of yourself for Rays home games!

While I'm excited that Rays baseball is BACK next week, I'm bummed that--at least for a while--fans will not be attending games because of the 'rona. But here's the next best thing: You can get a cardboard cutout of your likeness that will sit in the stands for every home game of the season, and then you'll get to take it home when the season ends. They're $60, and season ticketholders will get a $20 discount!

The Rays will also be pumping in crowd sounds during games, to make the players feel a little less like they're playing to an empty room; I think the combo of the sounds and the cutouts are a pretty good idea, all things considered. Obviously not ideal....but nothing about 2020 has been ideal, so you gotta work with what you've got!

HERE is a link to more info so you can order your cutout.


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