We should all be working 4 days a week!

I've read MANY articles touting the benefits of a four day workweek. One MAJOR company gave it a try, and productivity was off the charts!

Last August, Microsoft Japan decided to test what would happen if they had their employees work four days a week instead of five. So they let all 2,300 of their employees have Fridays off for the month.

And the result was a HUGE success! Productivity went up 40%, so even though people were working for less time, they were getting more done!

And that wasn't the only way it was good for Microsoft. People took 25% fewer vacation days than normal because they were already getting those Fridays off . . . they printed 59% fewer sheets of paper . . . and they used 23% less electricity.

Microsoft Japan says they're planning to do the four-day work weeks again next summer . . . and maybe at some other times, too. 

I don't understand why more companies don't do this! If half of your team took Mondays off, and the other half of the team had Fridays off, you could still be open 5 days a week and get the benefits of the 4-day workweek. If I had the option to do this, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat!

[Sora News 24]

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