67-year-old woman in China has a baby!

A 67-year-old woman just became the oldest woman in China to give birth to a baby.

The retired nurse -- who already has two adult children and multiple grandchildren -- gave birth to a healthy baby girl Friday via C-section. She and her 68-year-old husband had reportedly undergone an unspecified fertility treatment.

The happy couple, who said they plan to live to 110 so they can watch their new daughter grow up, named her Tianci, which means "given by god."

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the parents and the baby are all healthy...but I have a hard time getting overly excited about a couple welcoming a child into the world at that age. I certainly do hope they live to 110, but if they don't, what will happen to their child? And what doctor agreed to perform fertility treatments on a couple so advanced in years? I don't personally think it's the best plan, but... it's not my life! So congratulations!

[South China Morning Post]

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