Get paid to eat nothing but junk food for a month

A health food company is offering people more than $6,000 to eat nothing but junk food for a month.

The company, named Feel, is having people eat a bunch of chips, doughnuts, bread, pasta and fries -- along with regular doses of their multivitamin.

They’ll check your nutrition levels at the beginning of the month, and then again at the end of the month, all with the hopes that their vitamins are working -- even though you’re eating like garbage.

I like the idea of this from a marketing standpoint... but as someone who gets icky tummy when I let my diet get off the rails, this does not sound like something I'd be able to do!

What about you... you in? Six grand to just eat? Not a bad gig if you can get it! The link above will take you to an application form if you're interested!

[The Sun]

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