Amazon Vesta is a personal robot for your home or office

I remember watching sci-fi movies as a kid, and shows like The Jetsons and Lost in Space where families had robot servants/companions, and thinking, How cool would that be?! Well, you might be able to get a robot companion sooner than you thought.

Amazon is preparing to introduce Vesta, a robot companion for your home or workplace.

Vesta is still in development, so a lot of what we've heard is based on industry speculation, but here's what we've heard:

Vesta is about waist-high and will have an interactive display screen. It will use cameras to navigate your home or business, and be able to interact with humans. Vesta's primary functions will be for shops or businesses, and customers will be able to interact with Vesta for questions and customer service-related tasks. There are in-home applications too, but most of the functionality will be geared toward customer service and retail.

[The Verge]

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