Florida is one of the most "road-trippable" states!

Just in time for Memorial Day, a new survey (done on behalf of Ford) found that when it comes to travel, most Americans would rather take a road trip than anything else. According to survey respondents, 73% feel driving to your destination is a much better experience than flying. In fact, the average American would be willing to add six and a half hours to their travel time if it meant they could avoid the airport and plane and drive instead (maybe if the whole TSA experience wasn't SO frustrating...).

The plus-sides of road-trippin’, according to survey respondents: Scenic views (69%), being able to stop whenever you want (69%) and being able to pack whatever you want (57%).

And according to the same survey, Florida is one of the most road-trippable destinations (yes, I made that word up). And since we live here, we have no excuse to go enjoy all the awesome things our home state has to offer! Check out some road trip ideas in the Sunshine State as you gear up for summer! Some of them are less than a tank of gas away!

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