Are you a fast walker, or do you mosey?

I waited tables for 10 years before starting in radio and it made me a fast walker. Working in the restaurant business, you have to move pretty quickly. People want their food as fast as possible, and when they see you hustle, you make better tips (usually). And even though I stopped working in restaurants in 2010, I am still a fast walker..I actually have people comment on it pretty regularly, and it's made me realize that most people don't run around like that if they don't have to.

But if you're a fast walker like me, I've got some good news for ya! A new study looked at almost a half a million people and discovered that, on average, fast walkers live up to 15 years longer than people who mosey along! WOW!

The research, carried out by a team at Leicester University, analysed data from 474,919 people with an average age of 52 in the UK between 2006 and 2016.
The team found that, regardless of weight, those with a habitually fast walking pace have a long life expectancy – from underweight to morbidly obese.
Women who walked briskly had a life expectancy of 86.7 to 87.8 years old, whereas women who walked at a slower pace had a life expectancy of 72.4. Mens’ life expectancy dropped even lower; from 85.2 to 86.8 years at a fast pace to just 64.8 for slow walkers.

The research says nothing about walking for exercise; it's JUST talking about the speed at which you walk while performing daily tasks.


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