Does the guy ALWAYS have to pay on the first date??

When on a first date, does the man always have to pay for dinner? Should the lady at least offer? What about if the guy orders a cheap meal and the girl gets something expensive? Does it matter who initiated the date?

A text exchange between a man and a woman on a first date has gone viral because the woman ordered lobster and expensive wine -- and the guy refused to pay for it.

The guy, who happens to be a college student, just ordered a $20 meal of pasta, while his date ordered lobster and a $90 bottle of wine -- totaling $126.

Not surprisingly, she ended up calling him rude and explaining that “gentlemen ALWAYS pay for girl’s food.”

So that's the question: Does the guy ALWAYS have to pay for the first date? I think it's a gentlemanly thing to at least offer..however, when I was still dating, I always went out with money, and never automatically expected the guy to pay. You never know what a person's financial situation is, you know? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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