Bradenton Police Announce High Visibility Enforcement Program

Bradenton Police Announce High Visibility Enforcement Program

Where will this happen...

The area will be... US 301 from Waterfront Dr. through 17th Ave West and 8th Ave West., as well as.... 14th St. West. through 12th St. West. are the areas selected for enforcement.

The Bradenton Police Department applied and has received funding for this High Visibility Enforcement program that will help add to the safety of both bicyclists and pedestrians.

These locations within Bradenton were selected for both their volume of pedestrian traffic and the number of accidents involving both vehicles and pedestrians or bicyclists.

The program will allow the Bradenton Police Department to increase awareness of pedestrian and bicycle safety through both education and enforcement. The money for this program will be used for additional officers and overtime at several key corridors within Bradenton that are known as high-volume collision locations.

Bradenton Police Department officers' observance and enforcement of traffic laws in these areas will significantly reduce the number of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle collisions, which increases public safety and awareness of and adherence to traffic laws.

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