Special Suit, Allows Woman to Have Her Dog with Her During Cancer Treatment

When the pandemic started, Sydnee Geril of Ocala, Florida, stopped bringing her service dog, Tulsa, to her chemotherapy treatments.

Sydnee chose to leave Tulsa at home for safety reasons. While the virus doesn’t seem to pass from pet to person, she thought it would be better to be safe than sorry.

But a few weeks ago, Sydnee discovered a onesie for dogs -- called the Shed Defender -- which helps control shedding. And, it also offers a bit more protection against coronavirus.

Sydnee calls the onesie a “super suit” that has allowed her to feel comfortable bringing Tulsa along for comfort and support.

Now, instead of needing a full bath after every hospital visit, all Sydnee has to do is wipe down Tulsa’s face and wash her suit.

Sydnee admits that “it’s a new world now” and is happy that the super suit is allowing her to cope with her treatments -- with Tulsa by her side.