Viewer spots Thyroid Issue on Channel 8 Tampa TV Reporter, Saves Her Life

Channel 8, Tampa TV Reporter Victoria Price shares her story, of a viewer, who sent an email, which likely saved her life.

Victoria Price, a reporter for Tampa's Channel 8,said she received an email this June (2020) from a viewer who expressed concern for Price's health.

The email, said... "Hi. Just saw your news report. What concerned me is the lump on your neck. Please have your thyroid checked. Reminds me of my neck. Mine turned out to be cancer. Take care of yourself," the viewer wrote.

Victoria Price said her primary care physician referred her to a specialist and was told that she has thyroid cancer spreading to her lymph nodes.

Price said she is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove her thyroid and lymph nodes. She wrote that she expects to be back at work in about a week "if all goes well."

See her, in her own words right here: