Amazon Driver Delivers To Man With Cancer, Returns With Card and Flowers

Carlos Pagan and his wife, Denise live in South Carolina. They have a sign posted on their door to let visitors know why they cannot answer the door. The reason, Carlos was diagnosed with blood cancer back in March of this year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Well... something amazing recently happened because of that sign.

Their Amazon delivery driver, Antonio, saw their sign... he left their package… Then, he returned later with another package:…. Not one they ordered... this one though from Antonio personally. It was flowers and a card with a sweet message, from Antonio.

Antonio returned a week later to check in on Carlos. The two met through the window.

"He wasn't delivering any packages, last Sunday, he just wanted to make sure whoever was undergoing the cancer treatment was okay," said Denise. "His eyes brightened up when he saw him, and Antonio he told him, 'I want you to know you're going to be okay and you're going to be walking soon'."

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