Jello Shot Jenga is now a Thing

Your backyard BBQ or virtual zoom call with friends... just got more fun.

Woodworker Brian Calteaux has created a giant version of the classic Hasbro game Jenga, and it’s exclusively for adults. It’s basically a huge Jello Shot Jenga game that he calls the “Little Tipsy Shot Tower.”

At 27 inches tall, the tower has 54 sanded 7.5-inch blocks that stack into the Jenga shape everyone is familiar with. Within the blocks there are 15 spots to put Jello shots, and it even includes 25 1-oz. cups with lids and a laminated rules and recipe card.

It’s laminated because this game can clearly get messy.

It costs $79, but can be customized for more Jello Shot holes at $1 a hole. If you’re interested, order now -- because it’s already back ordered six weeks on his Etsy shop.

Check it out on his Etsy Link here: