A Mysterious "Pickle Bandit" Is Leaving Pickles All Over N.J. Neighborhood

A New Jersey neighborhood is trying to figure out who keeps leaving pickles all over their properties. 

“I’ve seen large pickles smushed in the street. I’ve had pickles in my yard... Everybody gets pickled. It’s crazy,” says resident Jill Suposs. 

Evidence of a "pickle bandit" includes dill spears tossed in driveways, whole gherkins on front steps and pickle chips strewn on sidewalks.

Pickles have been appearing for months, but locals started to realize the scope of the problem after comparing notes during quarantine.

The still-unidentified pickle bandit seemingly likes to target several houses at a time, but otherwise, the scheme seems pretty random.

Check it out here: http://newjersey.news12.com/clip/15081555/whodunnit-pickle-bandit-leaves-mysterious-gherkins-all-over-bound-brook-neighborhood

Pickles, Pickles and More Pickles

Pickles, Pickles and More Pickles