Never Forget this Memorial Day, JJ McCoy doesn't with song Sunshine State

Such a powerful song, that JJ brings to life... Never forget those, who have sacrificed so that we could live FREE!

JJ McCoy's - Biography

Born and bred in South Florida, JJ McCoy recently emerged from the local country music scene and exploded into the national spotlight with his debut EP, “Redneck, White and Blue”. With kin hailing from Scooterville, Georgia, JJ cut his teeth on country music and at times attempted to explore other genres but regardless of the path traveled, all roads led back to his humble roots.

Gifted with tremendous insight and powerful songwriting ability, JJ paints an indelible word picture in one’s mind as he weaves tales ranging from life in the country, raising a family, or how it feels to be a soldier alone in the Middle East. His voice echoes with a deep baritone alive with a rich, crisp timbre as the hulk of a man whips his telecaster into submission, causing it to grind, scream and cry the blues!

No lone ranger, JJ surrounds himself with some of Florida’s most talented musicians, with a full assault of pounding drums, thumping bass, twanging guitar and the unmistakable wail of the pedal steel. Whether recorded or live in concert, these good ole boys deliver, not the whiny, twangy, crying in your beer stuff, but with both barrels locked and loaded, a blast straight to your soul.

His motto has always been best described by David Allen Coe " Mister can you make folks cry when you play and sing? Have you paid your dues ,can you moan the blues, can you bend them guitar strings? Boy can you make folks feel what you feel inside"? Everything he has done musically in life has followed that recipe! If you have never seen his show in person you owe it to yourself to get to a show near you!