Proud Dad Creates Incredible 'At-Home' College Graduation For Daughter

Torrence Burson of Memphis, Tennessee, wanted to make sure his daughter, Gabrielle, got the graduation ceremony she deserved. Gabrielle received her bachelor's degree from Xavier University in New Orleans, and since she couldn’t walk the stage to get her diploma, Torrance built her one.

Not only did he craft a full-on stage in their driveway, but he even had a program for the day complete with presenters, a loudspeaker playing "The Graduation March," and neighbors out on the street. "I was just in awe," said Gabrielle. "I was amazed. I couldn't believe a lot of people showed up.

People were driving by yelling congratulations." Gabrielle plans to join the Air National Guard before going back to school to become an Epidemiologist. She said she wants to work for the CDC.