Drive-in Music Festival Coming to Orlando Next Month, Already Sold Out

Yes, it's already Sold Out... It is a "drive-in" music festival scheduled for the Central Florida Fairgrounds next month. "Road Rave," is the concert and it will allow people to stay in their cars and enjoy the show.

The "Road Rave" festival sold out 500 cars in one day. All of the cars will be lined up with a safe distance between them for people to jam out to live music in their cars.

Festival organizers say that people are allowed outside of their car, but they must stay within the width of their car. There will also be no dancing or forming of groups outside of cars. The festival is working with local police and will have security to ensure fans stay in and near their cars.

if successful,festival organizers think this may set a precedent for future music festivals and concerts during a pandemic and perhaps even start a new trend. 

The "Road Rave" in Orlando is scheduled for June 6.

Even though it's sold out, check out the details here: