2-Year-Old Who Spent 700 Days in Foster Care Gets Parade on Adoption Day


When two-year-old Isla Moody of Jacksonville, Florida, was just seven days old, she was placed with the Moody family in foster care.

Of course, her foster mom, Cayela, and foster dad, Evan, raised Isla as their own child -- but it wasn’t official … until now.

After 700 days in foster care, lots of paperwork and a virtual court hearing, Cayela and Evan finally had the adoption made official.

Once friends and family in the community learned the good news, they celebrated with a social distancing parade, complete with banners and balloons.

The event also was used to help other foster families get through these trying times. The group celebrating Isla also delivered two dozen bags of food to local foster families -- and prepared over 100 freezer meals to be delivered.