9 Year Old Boy Act of Kindness, Raises More Than $1,000 for Food Pantry

A few weeks ago, 9-year-old Nicolas Lane of Marlboro, Massachusetts, received a $25 gift card from his grandparents.

He was excited to find something fun to buy until he was watching the news and realized that people were having trouble putting food on the table.

At that moment, Nicolas decided to use the money for food for the needy.

His mom, Sabrina, was so proud of Nicolas for coming up with the idea, that she posted a story about his kind act on Facebook – and then challenged others to match the gift to help more people.

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars poured in – and before it was all over, the family had collected over $1,300.

Nicolas and Sabrina will be dropping off the donated items at a nearby food pantry, helping many families, thanks to his simple act of kindness that started it all.

Requests For Emergency Food Assistance Rises

Requests For Emergency Food Assistance Rises