10-Year-Old Donates 200 Gift Cards to Police Officers & Their Families

Hannah Imig is a fifth grader at Baber Elementary school in Glencoe, Missouri. And like so many Kids across the country, she isn’t going in to school right now. But, that hasn’t stopped her from impacting the lives of others.

When she learned that local police officers were dealing with financial issues because of the coronavirus, Hannah offered to donate some of her savings to help them out with some gift cards. And, more importantly, she created a fundraiser to buy even more cards for the officers.

It worked.

When people saw a picture of her handwritten letter on her mom’s Facebook page, they responded in a big way.

In just a day-and-a-half, Hannah collected $2,400 and was able to present the police department with more than 200 gift cards to distribute to the officers.

The department honored Hannah with a message on Facebook, which said....

“A little kindness can change the world.”