Man Walks Up to Checkers Drive-Thru, Gives $10,000 to Each Employee

A Good Samaritan in New Jersey changed the lives of a few fast-food employees when he offered them each $10,000 at the drive-thru. 

Jay Manzini took out stacks of bills and told them, "I just wanna bless you guys...That $10,000 is for you, I swear." 

Manzini also said on Instagram, "I don’t care about money, I CARE ABOUT HELPING THE ONES IN NEED!!!"

A Checkers employee said, “My employees have been struggling to get hours in this pandemic, so I was super happy for those guys."

Watch it all happen here:

(FYI - One of the Employees, does yell a bad word, he's so excited).... Keep the sound down, if you have kids in the house, or are at work...