DeSoto Speedway Now Freedom Factory Having Issues with People Showing Up

When our Friend, Cleetus McFarland announced he bought the former DeSoto Speedway, noW called the Freedom Factory he told us it needed a lot of work, to get it back up and running and safe to hold public events there.

However he has had issues lately with people wanted to check out the updates and improvements being made, which is not a good idea, while so much work is being done.

Cleetus posted this message on his social media...

"Hopefully this is the last time I gotta post about this... we’re trying to work, we really need our space right now. There’s events coming soon where we’d love to have y’all out. I didn’t want it to come to this but people will literally open our gate if it’s not locked. The gate has already been damaged multiple times from people standing on it, pulling it open to get through and more. Last thing I want to do is press charges on somebody who’s just trying to check the place out but the line has been drawn." #FreedomFactory