Trouble Filing Unemployment? FedEx will Print and Send in Your Application

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says the state has formed a partnership with FedEx to assist ALL Floridians in filing for Unemployment. Residents can pick up a paper unemployment application. Anyone who has trouble or that has been unable to access the state’s unemployment website, which has unprecedented traffic can get NOT ONLY get the application at any FedEx Office Print and Ship Center location within Florida, FedEx will ALSO ship the applications to Tallahassee daily... if the form is returned to them by 4 p.m.

FedEx Office" says..."Anyone needing assistance in filing for unemployment in the state of Florida can visit one of our Florida stores to print and complete a copy of the Reemployment Assistance Application Form. FedEx Office will ship all completed applications to the state each day (also free of charge).”

If you would like to work ahead...

And you do have printer access, you can download the form here.

FYI - Forms are available in English, Spanish and Creole.