Country Star Bares Her Soul in New Single About Miscarriage & Infertility

Sunny Sweeney Reveals Infertility Struggle and Miscarriage in Raw New Music Video: I ‘Can’t Give Up Hope’

Sunny Sweeney's heart-wrenching new song, "Bottle By My Bed" perfectly describes the struggle of infertility that so many women face.

Sunny and her husband, Jeff Hellmer, have struggled with infertility for several years. They suffered a heartbreaking loss when, after years of trying to get pregnant, Sunny miscarried. In an interview with People, Sunny described what happened, saying, 

“Then I went in for my regular checkup, and the heartbeat was gone. Gone. No explanation. Nothing. I waited two weeks to make sure the heartbeat wasn’t just hiding behind something else. It makes you feel broken. It seems like no one talks about it, unless they know the person they’re talking to has also been through it.”

“It’s an empty room at the top of the stairs / Watching the evening news with a couple of beers / I only call my husband baby because I love the word / Never wanted something so bad that it hurts / Even give up these damn ol’ cigarettes / If I could have a bottle by my bed,” she sings at the chorus.



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