Is There Really Going to Be a Quarantine Baby Boom?

Is there really going to be a baby boom nine months from now thanks to the coronavirus quarantine? Experts say don't bet on it. “I really don’t think [people are] saying, ‘Oh, let’s have a baby in the midst of the greatest epidemic that the country has faced in 100 years,’” University of New Hampshire demographer. Kenneth Johnson tells The New York Times. Adds Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, a sociology professor at the University of California, “Many people in childbearing ages were already worried about their futures, and now they may face unemployment as well. That kind of anxiety is not conducive to having a child.” Things are also a lot different now than they were in the 1940s when World War II ended and the Baby Boomer generation was born. The Times notes that it was "an era of postwar euphoria and financial stability for many Americans. Couples married young, could afford homes and had children quickly." Perhaps most importantly, birth control pills hadn't been invented yet

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