Frozen 2 Trailer

Here's what to expect in the movie Frozen 2!

  1. Elsa hears voices--but in a good way.Instead of fighting or apologizing for them, the new Elsa has accepted her powers. And that's a good thing, as she'll need them when she and her loved ones venture into a newly discovered enchanted forest.
  2. Anna finds out what it’s like to go solo. This time, instead of spending all her time protecting her sister, she's torn in different directions, from helping Elsa to protecting their entire kingdom.
  3. Kristoff discovers relationships aren’t easy. The outdoorsy Kristoff finds out that not everything goes to plan as they did in the original. In the sequel, he keeps trying, and failing, to propose to Anna. Actor Jonathan Groff says "he keeps messing it up and she keeps taking things the wrong way. They sort of keep missing each other."
  4. Olaf has a full-on existential crisis. The friendly snowman has gone from toddler to full-grown kid in the new movie. Actor Josh Gad says, "He's started to ask complicated questions that don't necessarily have easy answers, like why do some things have to change? And in that pursuit of knowledge, sometimes there are unintended consequences."