This Kid's Halloween Costume Wins Garth Brooks Vote For Best Costume

This year's Halloween costumes were just amazing but there's one lucky little that won Garth Brooks vote hands down. One fan posted a photo of her nephew dressed as Brooks in his epic black and white shirt with the white cowboy hat. But the little topped his outfit off with what looks like the Neyland Stadium in Knoxville wherere Brooks is set to do his stadium tour on November 16th. Once Brooks caught wind of this awesome costumes he posted it to his social with the message "This costume WINS Halloween in my book!@Andrea_D_HouserASK ME HOW I KNOW your nephew is MUCH TOO YOUNG to be spending the weekend in the deep end of a DIVE BAR, but for making my Halloween does he want to be our guest at#GARTHinKNOXVILLE???" We are telling you now this is one lucky little boy because he will definitely have the time of life at Garth's stadium concert.