Miranda Brings 8yr. Old Fan Onstage

Miranda Lambert made a young fan's dreams come true this past weekend when she invited the 8-year-old onstage to sing at her show in Wichita, Kansas. “I need to meet her,” Lambert told the crowd while pointing out the girl, named Remi. "This little girl has stolen my heart all night long and I just want to meet her up close and personal.” Remi then helped Lambert sing her 2013 single, "All Kinds of Kinds." Later, Lambert tweeted alongside video of Remi's performance, "This girl Remi stole my heart. Sometimes there is a face in the crowd that captivates you. Thanks for the tears, smiles and for being who you are. You inspired us all. I’ll never forget you." Remi's mom later tweeted at Lambert and her tourmates, "Thank you all for boosting Remi’s confidence tonight. She was born with nerve damage on the side of her face, which makes her have a crooked smile. Thank you for showing her it’s beautiful to be different."