Gordon Ramsay Surprises Girl Battling Leukemia

Gordon Ramsay has a soft side, and it looks good on him.

While in Toms River, New Jersey filming “24 Hours To Hell And Back” at a restaurant the celebrity chef decided to surprise a young fan.

Kallista Floresis 12 and a huge fan of the chef. She’s also battling leukemia, so her dad Wolf reached out to Ramsay on social media and asked if he could surprise the girl. The plan was for Ramsay to hide, with sweets, in the principal’s office at Toms River Intermediate South school and when Kallista walked in, the magic would happen.

That’s the way it played out! When Kallista saw her hero, she ran to him (we honestly thought she’s jump into his arms) and gave him a big hug. The two talked and chef donated 10-thousand dollars to Kallista’s Go Fund Me page to help offset her medical expenses. There were no donations for seven months, until Ramsay donated yesterday.

Ramsay mentioned he has children and tries to make this kind of visit once a year. Gruff exterior - heart of gold.

Source:Asbury Park Press