Florida Man Captures Massive Gator in Swimming Pool

A family in Parkland, Florida was surprised to find an 8-foot, 8-inch alligator in their swimming pool. They phoned a local trapping business called Gator Boys, which sent Paul Bedard to the scene. WFLA reports that, after horsing around with the massive gator for a bit, Bedard managed to tape its mouth shut and then hoisted it into the air above the pool--a moment he captured on camera and shared on Instagram. “This guy was super mellow; didn’t really give me a hard time at all,” Bedard wrote in the caption. “I couldn’t get him to spin on me; he really wanted nothing to do with me. I simply made a frontal catch, put a snare on his mouth and taped him up.” He added that the capture was "basically as smooth and easy as it ever gets."