Zac Brown Opens Up About Life and Divorce

The Zac Brown Band recently released their newest album "Owl" in September and currently finishing up October with the last tour dates of the "The Owl Tour Summer 2019". But that doesn't mean it just stops there. The band last tour break as reported from CBS News only lasted about 60 days. Zac spoke about not wanting to be categorized as an artist "When I put out a record, I have to pick a category to put it in. You have to. You release a record on iTunes, you have to pick a category. One category. You can't say country, rock, reggae, soul and whatever. No, you get one bucket to coin yourself in...I am not just a country artist. I'm not...I have to create what moves me and what connects with my fans. And I don't really care about their buckets. But I don't like being coined as a 'country artist.' I like just being an 'artist." Brown even touched a little on the ending of his 12 year marriage with wife Shelley Brown saying "...that it's healthier to not live in conflict than it is to try to stay. And no matter how many mistakes, or whatever, and she absolutely was the one."