#GoodNews: Man Leaves Money To People Who Attended His Funeral

Dennis Valstad passed away a few months ago in Ripon, Wisconsin and since he had no wife or kids, he didn’t expect much of a turnout at his funeral.

Anyone who attended the funeral for the local dry cleaner was probably surprised to get a letter from his attorney, but what was inside was even more of a shock.

Valstad seemed to be a man of modest means, but over his 69 years, he amassed a small fortune and with no family to leave it to, he left unique instructions for handling his estate.

His will explains that his $500,000 was to be divided equally among the people who went to his funeral.

There were 275 of them and now they’re all getting about $1,800 from Valstad’s half-million dollar estate just for coming to pay their respects.

Source:CBS News