#GoodNews: Man’s Skydiving Dream Came True At 94

Paul Grimme has been dreaming of going skydiving for a long time and the 94-year-old finally got the chance.

His granddaughter surprised him with skydiving tickets earlier this year, but bad weather, a fall, and a bout of appendicitis kept him grounded, until the other day.

Once Grimme had clearance from his doctors, he was all set. He headed to Middletown, Ohio and with his children and grandchildren watching, he got on the plane and says he had no fear. He parachuted safely to the ground with an instructor and loved it, and says he “just couldn’t get over the scenery.”

After the jump, his instructor told him he’s a natural and asked if Grimme wanted to go again for 95. He said he’d be up for skydiving again and joked “just not today.”