Cousins Reunited 75 Years Later After Holocaust Separated Them

Morris Sana spent the last 75 years believing his cousin and best friend Simon Mairowitz had died in a concentration camp during World War II. But the men are both alive and well and they were just reunited in Israel after all these years.

The cousins were close before the Nazis invaded Romania in 1940 and both of their families were forced to flee separately. Mairowitz, now 85, and Sana, now 87, had no idea the other was alive until Sana’s niece and daughter connected with relatives on Facebook. The men finally got to see each other face-to-face in an emotional reunion.

The long-lost buddies hugged, cried, and reminisced and they were both so happy to be there. “I know it’s a long time,” Mairowitz says. “We’ve got each other now. And we can see each other.”