Woman Survives 50-Foot Fall Down Waterfall

Heather Friesen was hiking in Honolulu’s Ka’au Crater Trail in Hawaii when she spotted a waterfall she wanted to get a closer look at. She switched on her GoPro camera and ended up getting too close to the edge and slipping. She fell about 50-feet down the rocky waterfall and her camera captured the whole scary ordeal.

The fall happened back in February 2016, but the 26-year-old volleyball player only recently released the GoProfootage of the fall. Friesen hit several rocks on the way down and struggled to keep her head above water, but hikers from her church group were there to help. She was airlifted to a hospital, where she recovered from 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and fractured left shoulder blade.

These days, Friesen is going much better and she’s back to playing volleyball pain-free. “I have fully recovered and nothing hurts when I play, which is a miracle,” she says.