Drake White Has Debilitating Brain Condition After Collapsing Onstage

Less than a week after he was rushed to a Virginia hospital after nearly collapsing onstage, Drake White now reveals to People that he was diagnosed with a debilitating brain condition back in January. Arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is a condition that disrupts normal blood flow in the brain due to an an abnormal tangle of arteries and veins. "It was basically stealing blood from my brain,” White said in an interview last month, just weeks before his health scare. “The neurologist told me that I should be thankful it was caught in time, because it could have caused a stroke.” While the outlet notes that it's still unclear whether AVM was the direct cause of the 35-year-old's fall, he adds, “I’m not telling this story for me. Someone needs to hear it and God wants me to share it. It will help people believe in miracles and I will feel that energy. The world needs that kind of energy right now.” Read more: https://people.com/country/drake-white-arteriovenous-malformation-diagnosis/