Server’s Act Of Kindness For WWII Vet

Dylan Tetil was working a shift as a server at the Eat ‘N Park restaurant when he was captured doing a good deed.

As he waited tables at the Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania eatery, he went to take the order of an elderly customer who had trouble hearing, so Dylan kneeled down to get closer.

It turns out, the old man is a 91-year-old World War II veteran, who admitted to Dylan that he’s lonely and doesn’t have many people to talk to.

So the server took his time, listening to some of his stories. It may not seem like a big deal, but he says the customer had tears streaming down his face and he could “tell this man hasn’t had a true, caring person to talk to in a long time.”

The simple act of kindness was captured by another patron, who snapped photos of Dylan talking with the vet and shared them on facebook.

The post has gone viral and over 171,000 people have liked it. “I believe you giving someone five minutes of your day could completely rearrange how they look at life itself honestly,” he says.

Source:CBS Pittsburgh

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