Prince William & Duchess Kate Had Concerns About Meghan Markle Pre-Wedding

Royal experts reveal in a new UK documentary that Prince William and Duchess Kate had some reservations about Prince Harry’s decision to propose to Meghan Markle after only dating a short while. “The biggest cause of their so-called rift was Wills tried to warn Harry when he met Meghan not to rush into it,” Sky News broadcaster and journalist Carole Malone says in the William & Harry: Princes at War film. “He’d only known her for less than a year when they got engaged. He sat him down and just told him to take it a bit slow, not to run at it.” Ingrid Seward, royal expert and editor in chief of Majesty magazine, notes that “it was all so quick that William and Kate didn’t have a moment to get to know Meghan because Harry hardly knew Meghan.” She adds, “And, of course, quite naturally William and Kate would have thought, ‘Oh, she’s been married before, she’s older than Harry, I hope she’s going to make him happy.’ Anyone would think that.” The documentary premiered on Sunday night.