Boy Gets Birthday Wish To Be Target Employee

Most little kids want something simple for their birthday party, like a dinosaur or mermaid theme. But not Cooper. When his mom, Hannah Rickman, asked him what he wanted for his fifth birthday, he told her he wanted to “work at Target.”

The mom says her mind started racing with how to make his birthday dreams come true, so she reached out to her local Target in Rossford, Ohio and they said they’d work it out. And they really went above and beyond to make this kid’s wish come true.

They let Cooper scan products with a scan gun, push a stock cart, and gave him an employee discount on toys before he clocked out for his shift. They even decorated a corner of the store with balloons and a b-day banner.

As you can imagine, the kid loved it. When his mom asked how he was feeling, he told her, “I feel like a million bucks!”

Source:Inside Edition