Woman Puts Ad For Wedding Date On Craigslist

Jessica Huey faced the prospect of going to a wedding alone when she knew her ex-boyfriend would be there, so rather than go by herself she posted an ad on Craigslist for a “devilishly handsome" man to accompany her and show up the ex, but what she got was a whole lot more.

One of the respondents was RJ Steiger,and after the first meeting she knew there was something more to this guy than just a hired plus one and they started dating immediately. In fact, that first meeting went so well that it lasted two and a half hours and wound up being their first date. Then, after two years of dating RJ popped the question and, they just got hitched this past May.

As for what got RJ to respond to Jessica’s says it was pretty simple. "I was 100% in before I even finished reading it," he explains. "The aspect of winning the breakup I completely could relate to. Instead of pretending to win, she actually won the break up." 

Source:Business Insider