Miami Marlins Sorry for Blaming Tampa Bay Rays for Killing Steve Irwin

Back in 2006, wildlife television star Steve Irwin--aka "the Crocodile Hunter"--died after being pierced in the heart by a stingray at the age of 44. This tragedy reared its fishy head over the weekend when, after some online trash-talking, the Miami Marlins tweeted to the Tampa Bay Rays, "You're literally the animal that killed Steve Irwin. Log off." In reply, the Rays tweeted, "You're literally the team that just got swept. Log off." (The Rays had just swept a two-game series against their intrastate rival.) On Monday, the Marlins sheepishly returned to Twitter to apologize for evoking Irwin's tragedy in such a frivolous exchange, writing, "Like everyone who grew up watching him, we miss Steve. We're so sorry to have made light of his passing."