Bus Drivers Help Two Lost Toddlers On Same Morning

While driving her route during an early morning shift, Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver Cressida Neal saw a young boy walking alone. She stopped to pick him up, and found out he had accidentally let himself out of his grandma’s house. Neal contacted the police, who brought him home safely.

That same morning, her colleague Cecilia Nation-Gardner was driving her route when she discovered a lost little girl wandering around in her pajamas, carrying her blanket. She told the driver she was looking for her mom, who lives in another state, and the bus driver was able to help her get back to her relatives who had been looking for her.

Nation-Gardner has made headlines for her good deeds behind the wheel before. In May, she was driving when she saved a little boy who had wandered into traffic alone. She was running late that day and says, “It was meant for me to be there.”

Source:Inside Edition